One of the most sought after products from sunflowers are sunflower seeds. The sunflower seed is a very nutritious seed that is rich in flavor, and is often sold as a healthy snack food, a breakfast additive, or as an ingredient to cooking specialty dishes.


In truth, the sunflower seed is not an actual seed. The sunflower seed is actually the harvested fruit of the sunflower.

Sunflower seedsTo get this clearer, in botanical conditions, the fruit of the sunflower is referred to by those in the know as an achene. An achene is a dried fruit that is produced by a good number of plants that bear flowers, which includes the sunflower. Other achenes are dandelions and rose hips.

As soon as the shell, also called the hull, of of the sunflower achene is taken, what is left is the kernel of the sunflower. This is what is harvested and sold as the delicious sunflower seed.

sunnyseedsmixThere are some companies that already sell their sunflower seeds dehulled, making it easier to consume or use for cooking. Sunflower seeds are also sold as feed for pet birds, and is a great and healthy addition to a bird’s diet. There are many uses for sunflower seeds, making it one of the more versatile flower products available in the market today.