Sunflower seed farming involves and requires good quality soil, a lot of sunlight, a constant water source, and a lot of care and handling.

Many people have turned to sunflower farming for income since a very good amount of sunflower oil may be sown per acre, especially with oilseed sunflower varieties which are at around 40% to 50% oil in weight.

Sunflower Farming

The yield for sunflower seeds can quite possibly go over 3,000 pounds per acre. Usually though, crops will usually be at around 1,200 to 2,000 pounds per acre.

The yield of sunflower seeds are also resilient and aren’t usually that much affected by the dry seasons or during dry spells.  More influential factors to its growth and health is based on initial seed selection and pest problems.

sunflowerLike many other crops, you may need to find a suitable and sustainable market base before trying to do sunflower farming.

The same goes for wanting to be a purveyor or producer of sunflower oil, as you may also need a market for that and a nearby pressing plant as well.  Look for a seed milling operation before attempting to sell sunflower seeds.

As soon as you have everything flat and complete, then you may find a patch of land and attend to plant a small acreage in order to help you determine the potential yield and how local pests affect your growing.